Moving Supplies in Norwalk

Properly packing your belongings while moving or storing them is essential to their well-keeping. We offer a full selection of moving and packing supplies for your convenience. If you still aren’t sure of the supplies you need because of how much room you have you can head over to our Space Estimator to get a visual representation for a better idea. Our trained staff can help you determine exactly what you need when you stop in to purchase. Being in the storage industry for so long, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to share with you. View our packing and storage tips here.

We Stock:

  • Many sizes of boxes
  • Legal totes
  • Glass and Dish Saf-T-Pak
  • TV boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Tape and dispensers
  • Markers
  • Cutters
  • Tie down straps
  • Sofa and chair covers
  • Book boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Mirror and picture boxes
  • Golf / Utility Boxes
  • Mattress covers
  • Packing Paper
  • Moving blankets
  • Rope

packing supplies